Cette année marque le vingt-quatrième édition de cette compétition, certainement l'un le plus brillant des calendrier Master européen.



 Les participants à la XXIII Mallorca Open Masters (Avril 2017)







7 and 8 April 2018

The Mallorca Open Masters - MOM is a swimming trophy organized by the Balearic Swimming Federation and club Esports Màsters "Esmas".

This trophy is for all the swimmers federated in the category Master, whatever their nationality.

The trophy will be held over two days, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, with the following characteristics:

Place: Piscinas Municipales SON HUGO
Timer: Electronic timer
Pool: 25 m. Indoor 8 Lanes


20+ 20-24 years (born 1998-94): PRE-MASTER 

25+ 25-29 years (born 1993-89) 
30+ 30-34 years (born 1988-84) 
35+ 35-39 years (born 1983-79) 
40+ 40-44 years (born 1978-74) 
45+ 45-49 years (born 1973-69) 
50+ 50-54 years (born 1968-64) 
55+ 55-59 years (born 1963-59) 
60+ 60-64 years (born 1958-54) 
65+ 65-69 years (born 1953-49) 
70+ 70-74 years (born 1948-44) 
75+ 75-79 years (born 1943-39) 
80+ 80-84 years (born 1938-34) 
85+ 85-89 years (born 1933-29) 
90+ 90-94 years (born 1928-24) 
95+ 95-99 years (born 1923-19) 
More than 100 years (born 1918 and earlier)


Firts session: Saturday 16:00 hours.

1 - 400 m. Freestyle Men 
2 - 400 m. Freestyle Women 
3 - 50 m. Fly Men 
4 - 50 m. Fly Women. 
5 - 100 m. Breast Men. 
6 - 100 m. Breast Women 
7 - .50 m. Freestyle Men 
8 - .50 m. Freestyle Women 
9 - 100 m. Back Men 
10 - 100 m. Back Women 
11 - 4x50 m. Freestyle Men 
12 - 4x50 m. Freestyle Women. 
13 - 4x50 m. Freestyle Mixed 

Second session: Sunday 09:00 hours

14 - 50 m. Back Men 
15 - 50 m. Back Women 
16 - 100 m. Fly Men 
17 - 100 m. Fly Women 
18 - 50 m. Breast Men 
19 - 50 m. Breast Women 
20 - 100 m. Freestyle Men 
21 - 100 m. Freestyle Women 
22 - 100 m. Ind. Medley Men. 
23 - 100 m. Ind. Medley Women 
24 - 4x50 m. Ind. Medley Men 
25 - 4x50 m. Ind. Medley Women 
26 - 4x50 m. Ind. Medley Mixed 

The Rest periods and length will be confirmed at the heats lists. 

Entries will be allowed to all swimmers (spanish or foreigners) over 20 years of age. Spanish swimmers will need their “Masters license” from their Autonomic Federation. Foreigners will need their license from their respective Federations. 
Minimal entry times won’t be required, only registers obtained during the season in competitions or trials, otherwise it shall be without time (S.T.)

The Clubs will have to mention in their individual entry forms the age group of each swimmer, and also will have to fill out all the required data(name, date of birth, license nr., identity card nr., etc). Each Club will be responsible for the accuracy of this data. The Clubs must perform individual registration ​​On-line through of platform our partner Elitechip, completing all the required information.

Each swimmer can participate in a maximum of (8) individual events, not more than 4 per day, and relays 

The Clubs will have to fill out their entries, with their age groups. Changes won’t be allowed, especially after the competition has started. The components of the relay teams will be established by the Clubs. In the relay events there will be 8 age groups, formed by adding the age of the 4 swimmers. PREMASTERS (20-24) can participate only in the 80-99 age group 

The remaining masters swimmers are allowed to participate in all the 9 Age Groups:

+ 80  More than 80 years (80-99) 
+100 More than 100 years (100-119) 
+120 More than 120 years (120-159) 
+160 More than 160 years (160-199) 
+200 More than 200 years (200-239) 
+240 More than 240 years (240-279) 
+280 More than 280 years (280-319) 
+320 More than 320 years (320-359)

+360 More than 360 years


Each Club will be allowed multiple teams in each category. All swimmers participating in relays must be registered in at least one individual event. Not can be swimmers who only swim in relays. Mixed 4x50 relay shall be composed of two swimmer man and 2 swimmer woman, being indifferent the order of swimming.

The participants registered for the Complete Swimmer Trophy, have to participate in 50 m. butterfly, 50 m. backstroke, 50 m. breaststroke, 50 m. freestyle and in the 100 m. individual medley. The classification will be based on the total time adding the 5 events. 


- Individual Registration will take place online through our partner Elitechip platform. 
- Registration of relay events will be completed by the delegate from each club, with all the data and sent by e-mail to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. .

Entry fees 6 Euros for each individual event. Relays FREE.

The closing date for entries will be march 26 2017 at 11:00 p.m., both for individual events such as relay.


Masters: the same swimwear regulations as per pool swimming will be applied from January 16, 2010.

The events will follow the rules “ONE START ONLY”, and “against the clock”. The classifications will be established according to the times achieved. The heats will be organized following the best times sent with the entries, mixing age groups.

The not participation in a event will be communicated to the technical table of the competition before earlier 30 minutes the start of the day. The not presented to any event, and has not communicated previously, can not swim in other event of the day; except relays, yes they can swim.


Ajuntament de Palma, IME Institut Municipal d'Esports, Federación Balear de Natación and Esports Masters "esmàs" will deliver the following awards:

Trophies to the first 3 swimmers in each age-group for the "COMPLETE SWIMMER TROPHY"

MEDALS to the first 3 swimmers in each age group/event in the individual events.

NO medals for the Relays will be given.


The delivery of dossiers (heats and instruccions) will be held on Saturday, April 7, of 9:00 to 12:00 hours, and the afternoon from 15:30, in the Technical Office of the competition, located in the swimming pool competition.

The Clubs will get 1 sets of heats and instruccions.

Results will be poste don the resultats panel and also at the Official MOM web.


The swimmers signing up this competition assume that they are in good health, and that their doctor has not informed them otherwise, plus they acknowledge that they are aware of the risks inherent to participation at XXIV MALLORCA OPEN MASTERS to be held at “Piscinas Municipales de Son Hugo” (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), including the possible disability or death, and they are willing to take those risks.

Also registered swimmers waive any claim for loss, damage or injury arising out of their participation at XXIV MALLORCA OPEN MASTERS against Federación Balear de Natación, against organizer club (Esports Màsters "esmàs") or against any person participating or assisting the cited championship, being obliged and agreeing to meet the standards set by the Federación Balear de Natación, and this regulation.

All participants must be in possession of a medical insurance, valid in Spain, covering any expenses (doctor, pharmacist, hospital or return home), which may occur in connection with their stay in Mallorca and their participation at XXIV MALLORCA OPEN MASTERS, which they undertake to prove if required.