The twenty-second Mallorca Open Masters, celebrated in the pools of Son Hugo the past 2 and 3 April, can be classified, without any doubt, as the best in history.

The massive participation, with almost 350 swimmers from 12 different nationalities and the achievement of a world record, six Europeans, seven from Spain and several more from different nationalities, make MOM a reference tournament in Europe, as well as keep it as the best meeting In short pool of Spain.

The world record is run by the German swimmer Brigitte Merten (+70), from the club Neukoeln, in the 100 m. Medley, with a time of 1: 23.42, also European landmark. The rest of the European records are of the French swimmer Jean-Claude Lestideau (+70), of the club Pádel Arena of Alicante, in the 100 Back (1: 13.32), 50 Back (0: 33.53) and 100 Medley (1: 16.25) and the Spanish swimmer Joaquín Canales (+75), Real Club Mediterraneo, in the 400 Free (5: 44.36) and 100 Back (1: 22.02).

As for the records of Spain, they were beaten by Esmàs club swimmers, Manuel Piña (+90) in 50 Butterfly (1: 52.69) and 100 Medley (3: 16.33) and Esteban Cruz (+70) in 100 Breaststroke (1: 29.81) and the swimmer of the CNPalma, Maria del Mar Serra (+40) in 50 Butterfly (0: 30.61) and 100 Butterfly (1: 09.48).

As far as the records of the rest of nationalities are concerned, we have, among others, the German Brigitte Merten in 50 Butterfly and Angela Zingler in 50 Butterfly and 50 Free, the Frenchman Jean-Claude Lestideau in 50 Butterfly, the Swiss Josef Krejci in 400 Free, 50 Back and 100 Medley and the Finnish Janne Virtanen in 50 Butterfly and 100 Medley.

High profile swimmers include Javier Santos, Daniel Llompart, Adam Dziubinski, Matthew O'Connor, Kevin Harrison, Lars Hinnenburg, Laura Brunot, Ramona Guillén, Tania Shcherbinina, Charlote Raid, Patricia Reilly, Vivian Mongey, Peter Schmidt, Vincent Miller, Jorge Granados and Alberto Murillo, among others. Many swimmers of great quality, who have given great visibility also to the test queen of the tournament, the Full Swimmer, in which there have been more than one hundred participants.

We hope that this success will be repeated in the next edition. Thank you all for coming.

See you at the MOM 2017!


Álvaro Barro